What month do you play the most games?

I’m gonna be honest folks. After the holiday glut of games, I almost always take a breather from game for much of January. Anyone else? Regardless, is there a month of the year you typically play more games? If so, what is it?

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  1. Pinnelot says:

    I´d say, it depends on the games that come out. Last year it was december, because i had a lot of good games and time to play.

  2. electricfuture says:

    Dec-Jan and Apr-May.

  3. bananaoomarang says:

    Probably december. But it also varies from year to year, depending on when the good games come along.

  4. EdEN says:

    December. I finished 35 games in 30 days and I will probably never be able to do that again.

  5. XCWarrior says:

    December January or June July are the slowest months/most time to play.

  6. Hailey says:

    I think when good new games come out (I guess in the summer) or Dec. or my bday month. Because that’s when you get all the presents!

  7. Definitely June when my friends and I run our Mario Marathon for Child’s Play. Though, I spend a lot of time “training” in the months before.

  8. 647 says:

    October. Every october I have a “Retro” month. I played 27 hours of mario’s picross alone! Also, I found every warp zone in SMBLL, Beat Nintendo power’s fastest time on exticbike, got to level 3-3 without losing a life, Imported the origanl Animal crossing, and more

  9. Chelsea says:

    The vast majority of my gaming sessions occur in March-io, Metroctober, and Zelduary.

  10. lynnvin says:

    Xmas time and the winter months when it is cold outside — when the weather gets nice, I feel guilty playing games inside.

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