Weekend Discussion: The Embarrasing Side Of Zelda Lore


Whether we admit it, or not, there is a dark side to the Legend of Zelda that is stored away within an unbreakable pot.  Not even this in your face rendition of the Song of Time can erase the nightmares.

Despite many attempts to erase their existence (As Hyrule Historia did by excluding them from the timeline), we have to admit that the three CDi Zelda games do in fact exist.  Honestly, I own all three games and have played each.  I also grew up in the 80’s, watching cheesy 80’s cartoons.  Basically, that is what the games represent..cheesy 80’s style cartoon versions of the random Link and Zelda adventures.  Overall, they are really not that bad.  Sure, they do not live up to the quality we have grown to love and respect.  However, they are actually pretty fun to play.

The games have their faults.  Slow load screens.  The Controls are not the best, although I default that mostly to the atrocious controllers of the CDi consoles.  Let’s not forget the animation and voice acting as well.

For this weekend’s discussion, I ask… If the three games were placed into a collection and sold on the Wii U (or 3DS) would you buy them?  To go a step further, would you accept them as a fourth trine in the fork of the official Zelda Timeline?

6 Responses to Weekend Discussion: The Embarrasing Side Of Zelda Lore

  1. Alvarou says:

    I don’t think I would buy it. My gaming budget is too limited to spend it on something I know I won’t enjoy…
    Would be great for collectors for sure, but not for me.

  2. MikeIsaPoet says:

    I find this article pleasing.

  3. Lou says:

    No, would not buy them. There’s a fine line between being a fan of something and foolishly putting your money down on inferior products.

    Besides, this would only take away time potentially spent on playing a great game, or participating in another hobby.

  4. Lord Lemmy says:

    I definitely agree with Lou. I actually don’t even want to waste the energy on such inferior games. And the reason they don’t belong on the timeline is because Nintendo literally had no hand in the games. It was just Nintendo permitting Philips to make them, and that was all they did. Even with Minish Cap and (I THINK) the Oracle games being made by Capcom, Nintendo still was involved in the development of those games. But that was NOT the case for the CDi games.

  5. BornFlunky says:

    I might, as the Internet often says, “do it for the lulz.” If it was cheap. Like, $3.

    I mean, it’s a similar reason why everyone got Surgeon Simulator, right?

  6. nomeacuerdo says:

    The fourth possibility, when Ganondorf turned everybody dimwitted (including himself) and made the world a crappier place (even worse than in Ocarina of Time)

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