Weekend Discussion: Take A Beating


We have all been there.  We saved up, bought our favorite electronic device, and dropped it to the floor where it crashed to pieces.  Today, while at Wal-Mart, a Nintendo rep was there demoing the 2DS and giving away some promo freebies (he gave me the Link Between Worlds treasure chest — THANK YOU!).  While I was speaking to him, a child came up behind and grabbed the 3DS from the table, immediately dropping it to the floor.  The child said sorry, but the Nintendo Rep just picked it up without worrying whether it was broken or not, because the handheld is a beast!

So, for our weekend discussion, have you had a Nintendo (or other game console) that has met a horrible fate?  Maybe you had one that took a beating and kept on ticking?  Share your stories below!

2 Responses to Weekend Discussion: Take A Beating

  1. MikeIsaPoet says:

    My 3DS has been beaten so badly that my R button doesn’t work and my battery lasts about 15 minutes. Can’t wait to get some spare change to repair it.

  2. nomeacuerdo says:

    More important, I want to know the story behind the poster image, it looks like a train passed over that poor DS!

    I busted my first Game Boy opening it and screwing too tight a screw, that broke the LCD 🙁

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