The Life of Video Gamers: A Mockumentary

Work has been pretty busy for me the last few days, and I have had little time to focus on anything else, but today I decided that I needed to take a much needed break and browse the world of the interwebs.  While sipping my coffee and wasting time on Youtube, I found the below video that was posted by RunTrainEntertainmen.

The video is a short mockumentary on the life of a gamer.  It hits on some of the common stereotypes such as violence, and lack of exercise.  The video was just posted today and only has 4 views, but it is pretty well constructed and deserves a few extra views today.

Give the video a view or two and be sure to give the poster a thumbs up to show your support.  I would love to see him create a series of these mockumentaries focusing on gamers that dedicate tehir gaming to only one system, and the differences between the gamers.  For example, the 14 year old Xbox gamer with the mouth of a sailor, and the PS3 gamer that portrays himself as being much more mature than the Xbox gamer (obviously this just plays off some stereotypes).

What are your thoughts on the video?

6 Responses to The Life of Video Gamers: A Mockumentary

  1. gojiguy says:

    I couldn’t finish it. Got two minutes in and stopped. The sound was just too bad. Needlessly long segments of someone playing videogames with the game soundtrack and another music track layered over top. Was giving me a headache.

  2. geoff says:

    Good thing you turned it off, when the credits start there is a high pitched squeal that is much louder compared to the rest of the video. Pain in my brain!

  3. titan4 says:

    That video fuckin stupid, gaming a cult, not a fucking bunch of losers. Thats why old people dont get it.

  4. titan4 says:

    Gamers rule! Suck dick bitches.

  5. Jmyr says:

    Titan, I don’t think you understood. The video is a mockumentary, it is meant to poke fun at stereotypes. If it got you that upset, go join a cult and partake in their look aid refreshments

  6. garion333 says:

    Holy … wow. The audio was ALL over the place.

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