The exact, precise moment the music game fad burst

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the instant in time when something’s suddenly not as cool as it was a moment before. Other times it’s easy. Remember this ad from two years ago? For music games as the Current Big Thing, this was the killer meteor entering the atmosphere.

I’m one of the faithful who still believes in music games; I can’t wait for RB3 this Tuesday. But I know that this fictional family won’t be on board. They’re too busy watching Glee.

Don’t ya love how this pretend mom thinks her three kids are teens?

8 Responses to The exact, precise moment the music game fad burst

  1. sam says:

    haha hey its that kid from “modern family” playing the drums. love that show

  2. sam says:

    if activision did not put out 3 different guitar hero games every year they may have not over saturated the market. ohg well rockband 3 is coming soon

  3. Kale says:

    I have the same the philosophy about music games as I do about sports games: If you love it so much, go play the real thing. Like football that much? Go outside and play. Novel concept, I know. Like playing the guitar? If you spent half as much time practicing on a real instrument as you waste playing what is otherwise a glorified version of Ralph Baer/Milton-Bradley’s “Simon”, you’d be a master up there with Jimmy Hendrix and Jo Satriani.

  4. Richard says:

    Kale —

    It’s entirely possible to do both. One’s a game and one’s a real talent. They provide entirely different experiences. You might just as well say “If you like Mariokart so much, go out and drive your car.” Not the same kind of fun.

    For me, Rock Band 2 (and, to a lesser extent, Guitar Hero) is insanely, blissfully fun. I get to control my own little band, manage their career, and interact with my favorite songs in an incredibly satisfying game experience–points, bonuses and all. And, believe it or not, I really do learn a lot about the structure and composition of my favorite songs along the way.

    And, y’know Rock Band 3’s got the pro mode that teaches real music skills. One reviewer mentioned that, for real musicians who buy the fully-functional guitar accessory, it’s like having a pro back up band ready to practice with you at any time. We’ll see: I’m going to attempt to revive my rusty elementary piano skills with the pro keyboard.

    What it comes down to, in the end, is the fun factor. RB2 is one of my top favorite games of all time. I get to listen to awesome songs and play an amazingly fun game at the same time. Now, that’s efficient use of leisure time! 🙂

  5. Gern says:

    I still love Rock Band and download songs ever so often. The Guitar Hero franchise is the fad because of their lousy download selection and the flood of games.

  6. chris_wing says:

    The last music game I played was Donkey Konga, I don’t think I missed much.

  7. Paul says:

    @chris_wing Uh. No, you have. You’ve missed a lot. A lot of fun that is.

  8. Richard says:

    Gern and Paul, I totally agree with you; I’m spending my work lunch break tomorrow picking up my copy of RB3.

    Never got a chance to try Donkey Konga…It’s one I’ve always been curious about.

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