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  1. Natia says:

    English is very good for someone who’s naivte language is not English but it’s FAR from perfect from the way you constructed that post. James must have been around 9 years old at that point and this is damn good writing for that age. I admittedly giggled at a few miss-spellings but that was every kid at that age, regardless of language. I look back on my own writing as a kid and it’s pretty much the same quality. I thoroughly enjoyed this, as a fanfic writer (and artist) of my own during this period (I remember mimicking the Nintendo Power Zelda comics with the eagle guy that didn’t even appear in the game.) This was an excellent throwback to quite possibly the greatest game of all time from a true fan’s perspective. It shows how imaginaivte we were as kids and James has obviously channeled the spirit of this into the reviews he does today, that we all know and love.

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