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Awesome Ocarina of Time wallpaper

Happy Thursday, y’all. Here’s a hot new wallpaper from Ocarina of Time for you to enjoy, straight outta Nintendo’s press site.

How the heck do you pronounce Ocarina?

We’re all excited to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 3D this summer, but depending on which dictionary you ask, it can be pronounced a couple of different ways. We want to know: {democracy:141} If these aren’t how you pronounce

Legend of Zelda Wii, Leaks, and Speculations?

There have been a lot of rumors about info leaks about the new legend of Zelda Game, below is a collection of the most plausible sounding rumors around.

Did you know about the Secret Soldier?

If I would of found this anytime I played the game I would of been really upset. I don’t think anyone every really died in a Zelda game before; besides Ganondorf and a whole bunch of monsters and bosses. According

Link Puts High-School Book-Bag Into Perspective

The Autumn Society of Philadelphia art collective is hosting an 8-Bit and Video Game themed art show beginning August 7th, and artist Kim Herbst gives us a sneak peek of her entry: a lethargic Link completely baffled by how he

Fox News now Employing Zelda Music

Seems like Fox has gotten some Nintendo fans in the studio. At the 55 second mark during the interview of people around town, you can hear the house tune from Ocarina of time. It’s kind of weird to hear Zelda