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Video: Super Metroid reimagined as a cartoon series

Ever wished that Super Metroid was its own animated series? Well, artist Dave Rapoza has done just that with his latest video depicting Nintendo’s SNES classic as a full-fledged animated series. The short clip runs at just under a minute

Nintendo Trailers Flood YouTube

Nintendo has been busy uploading videos to YouTube since the end of their Nintendo Direct presentation for E3 this morning.  I counted 20 new videos (including the Direct itself) that have been uploaded since their stream ended.  They also shared

Nintendo Claims Ad Revenue From YouTube Videos

According to various YouTube users, Nintendo has started enforcing their copyright over content that is posted on YouTube.  Most notably, this includes numerous “Let’s Play” videos that feature lengths of game footage from a variety of Nintendo properties. Nintendo’s approach

PAX East Ducktales Gameplay Footage

The return of Ducktales, even if it is a remake, still has me a little giddy.  I have replayed the original a couple of times, and cannot wait to play it again upon release.  If only I could have been

The Game Machine Joe

Hi Infendo readers! I’m Game Machine Joe one of the newest bloggers for Team Infendo. I’m a 26 year old video gamer from Wisconsin; who like you all love everything Nintendo. I currently spend my free time (out side of

3D Mario Chalk Art for Your Friday Viewing Pleasure

T.G.I.F!, this has been a long, hot week!  With Temps reaching the 100’s here in Northern Indiana, and a packed week at work, I am definitely ready for a relaxing weekend! While browsing various Nintendo sites, I came upon this