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Study: Wii nine times more reliable than Xbox 360, four times more than PS3

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–SquareTrade, the largest independent warranty provider in the world, today announced the results of a study comparing malfunction rates for the top three game consoles — Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) — and

Dead Space, future Wii title, began development on original Xbox

Dead Space, the well-received space horror game developed by EA that’s slated to come Wii-side soon, was initially developed using original Xbox hardware. Since the Internet is the consummate example of fairness and anti-hypocrisy, I fully expect all the people

‘Dusty Wii’ meme gets the final nail in coffin it so richly deserves

According to Nielsen, which released a similar study earlier this year, the Wii comes in third behind the venerable PlayStation 2 and the Xbox 360 in terms of console usage. Oddly enough, but no surprise given its current struggle, the

Oops! Xbox 360 didn’t beat the Wii after all

Sad news today for people who got all hot and bothered about the Xbox 360’s apparent “victory” over the Wii in Japan this week. It didn’t happen. New numbers out of Media Create show that Microsoft did indeed sell about

Wii outsells the mighty PS2 for the same period

To steal a term coined by Kotaku, I put together the above charticle juxtaposing the first six month console sales of Wii, 360, PS3, PS2, Xbox, and GameCube. First, the Wii has sold better than the mighty PS2 after the