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10 Most Anticipated Games from Game Trailers

Reader Kale sent us this video from GameTrailers listing their top ten most anticipated games of 2010, and I have to say that a lot of games on this list are actually on my list. Surprisingly, there are two Nintendo

Gaming Infidelity – Fraternising with the enemy

[Welcome aboard to new Infendo UK Correspondent Phil! -David] Ok, so hands up if you’re a Nintendo fan? That seems to be most people here, good stuff. I wonder though, how many of you would say you were a ‘fanboy’

Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow [DS] 2010

Awakened Shadow is being developed by tri-Crescendo, the studio behind Eternal Sonata, and they are working hard to Blue Dragon role-playing experience to DS players in the United States in Spring 2010. The game is a continuation of the series,

What are you Looking Forward to?

With so many good games coming out now and in the following weeks, there has to be one game that you are looking forward to playing. So what are you looking forward to? Tell us!

What do you think about the Current Gen?

Today, one of my friends sent me a website they came across. This website allows you to search and compare information from various search engines. It calculates how people refer to your search term as a positive, negative, or neither

The era of HD Gaming is a myth. Or, why there is definitely no Wii HD coming soon

HD gaming, at least as it has been applied to this current generation of consoles by feverish marketing departments who overshot their markets by a mile, is a myth. Always has been. As such, there is almost certainly no Wii