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Nintendo has learned a lot from WiiWare, offering insane incentives for to publishers

Nintendo has been extremely aggressive when it comes to the online space as of late with the reveal of the Miiverse and through the growth of the eShop. According to a source of the Wii U Daily, Nintendo will be

BurgerTime World Tour Coming To WiiWare

The classic platform puzzler game has its roots all the way back to the Atari and the more popular version of the NES is coming to WiiWare. Is this what Nintendo fans want? More retro games being rehashed? While BurgerTime

Kirby Mass Attack: “The closest thing to a Canvas Curse sequel we’ll ever see”

Kirby Mass Attack (out today) is getting really good reviews. Here’s one in particular: There will inevitably be Kirby purists who will baulk at the rather unorthodox gameplay concept behind Kirby Mass Attack, but if they do they’ll be missing

This game looks and sounds fun

A lot like Trials HD with more players. Arrives tomorrow on WiiWare for $15. Interested?

What were your favorite Wiiware oddballs?

Do you have a gut-feeling Wiiware’s run its course? Nintendo’s admitted the service didn’t soar as planned and they hope to correct their mistakes with the 3DS eshop. I wouldn’t write the channel off yet; I’m sure good product will

The BIT.TRIP Epic Reaches Its Grand Finale

The acclaimed BIT.TRIP game series for the WiiWare™ service has thrilled audiences with its mix of retro style and inventive game play. This week, new and longtime fans are invited to experience the series’ final installment, BIT.TRIP FLUX, and join CommanderVideo for