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Are we really satisfied with the Wii?

Are we really satisfied with the Wii? Should we be? Shouldn’t Nintendo be trying harder? It’s a question IGN’s Matt Casamassina brought up in his December editorial Nintendo is Lazy and You Don’t Care. Although not the only, or the main

New hardware, MotionPlus game mentioned by Miyamoto

“Did I do it again? Did I let something slip?! I just get so excited!” As the recipient of a “Special Achievement Prize” during a symposium at the 13th Annual Japan Media Arts Festival on Saturday, Shigeru “loose lips” Miyamoto

Forget about tomorrow, look what we’ve got now!

Reggie’s recent discussion of the future successor to Wii has once again kicked the sleeping bear that is the HD debate and what Nintendo has done wrong this generation (very little if you were to ask the board members) and

Do you really want a HD Nintendo System?
I mean honestly, who wouldn’t want to play a Zelda game in HD!

Recently Reggie Fils-Amie has gone on the record to talk about the recent speculation about Wii HD happening, and about the future of Nintendo in general. “[The] next step for Nintendo in terms of home consoles will not be simply

Youtube Tuesday – Mario Teaches Typing??

Rumors, and Leaks are always subject to question when they first hit the net. Yet, for some reason, judging from recent Nintendo releases… I can see them trying to release Mario Teaches Typing again. What do you guys think, real

Nintendo denies WiiHD, dings analyst

Nintendo’s own Reggie Fils-Aime openly declared to GameTrailers TV that the Wii HD simply does not exist: Reggie: Michael [Pachter] continues to be the only one who believes that this is gonna happen. I don’t know how forcefully we can