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Junction Point Studios Closing Down

Junction Point Studios, the creators of Epic Mickey is closing its doors. A Disney rep confirmed that the studio is closed and is due to the fast-evolving gaming marketplace. Looks like we’ll be seeing Warren Spectorworking on new projects somewhere

Pandora’s Tower Making It’s Way To North American Wiis This Spring

Well it looks like XSEED has finally decided to bring over the last of the three games that Operation Rainfall had set out to campaign to bring over. This spring, Pandora’s Tower is making it’s way to North American Wiis as a

Wii Mini Confirmed For Dec. 7 Release

It’s a rumour no longer! The Wii Mini will be released on December 7, will cost $100 and surprisingly, it’s currently only available in Canada. This diminuitive model of the Wii does not have any GameCube support at all, including

A Little Wii Backstory

  CVG have a great article about the story of the Wii. The whole thing is definitely worth reading, but I found this particularly interesting. Tom Quinn (above) is the man who invented the technology in your Wiimote today. He

Skyward Sword Harp Replica

If you’re looking for some of the most dedicated fanbase, it’s hard to come by a more faithful following than fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise. And sometimes on the interwebs, you find one of those exceptionally well made replicas of

Iwata Talks The Demise of Friend Codes, Miiverse. More To Come.

In a post-financial briefing analyst discussion last week, Iwata discussed a few things of interest concerning the (fast approaching!) Wii U. Details regarding Miiverse, as well as Nintendo’s overall online strategy,  in particular, have been…. Scant. Well, good news, a