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Review: 1080° Snowboarding (Wii Download – No, N64 games aren’t on the Wii U eShop yet!)

It would seem I’m not the only Infendo staff member who has recently had 1080° Snowboarding on my mind, as our very own Colin included the game and its successor (1080° Avalanche for the GameCube) in a list of “The

WiiWare Demo service hits Shop Channel TODAY!

Nintendo’s new WiiWare demo service hit European and Australian Wii consoles early this morning – and Nintendo soon followed with an official press update, indicating it will be available today for North American consoles as well: This week, Wiiâ„¢ owners

Wii Update: SD copying up to 5x faster!

Have you been waiting for Nintendo’s Wii Storage Solution? The Wii System update earlier this week took us a step closer to playing games directly from SD, but you may have missed it. In addition to enhanced parental controls, USB

Wii Points to be renamed Nintendo Points

Apparently in November of this year Nintendo plans to replace Wii points with a new line of cards going by the title Nintendo Points. These new cards will be released in Japan and be able to work with both the

Top 10 games you can’t afford to miss on the Wii Virtual Console

Despite your favorite games not being released for the Virtual Console yet, there are a ton of games available in the Wii Shop Channel now. Here’s a look at the top ten games you shouldn’t miss playing: