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National Association for Music Education endorses Wii Music

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nintendo’s new Wii Musicâ„¢ game is spreading from the family room to the classroom, thanks to newly formed collaborations with select schools and educators. To help inspire students and promote an active appreciation for music, Nintendo is

Miyamoto talks Wii Music, online, the future

There’s a five-pager up over at Edge today with Shigeru Miyamoto that makes for a good Friday morning read. In it, the father of Nintendo talks Wii Music, and the trials and tribulations that have come so far with that

Infendo Radio 127 – Turkey Talking Time

Okay, so maybe we don’t talk about turkeys or the country of Turkey this week, but Kyle, Will, and I do discuss Play It On Wii, whether or not Super Mario Bros 3 is better than Super Mario World, the

Nintendo not worried about poor Wii Music sales

Sales projections for Nintendo’s winter “smash hit” title Wii Music, fell short of intended data expected to be as great as Wii Fit’s first month (650,000+). October yielded a meager 60,000 copies in the United States since Wii Music’s launch.

Win a copy of Wii Music from Infendo Radio!

Tune in to this week’s broadcast of Infendo Radio number 125 to find out how you can win a copy of Wii Music!

Infendo Radio 124 is hypnotized by music

Prepare your ears and serve them well with Infendo Radio 124!  Listen up as we chat about music games this week and share a little Kirby love, too. Radio Feed iTunes Feed MP3 Be sure to leave some comments or