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Video games are unstoppable

Now, you could make fun of the new partnership between Nintendo and sports retailer Sports Authority, but by doing so you’d be completely missing the point. Best just keep that ignorance quiet for now.

Review: Wii Fit Plus – A Great Update to a Great Series

Wii Fit, an interactive fitness experience that has invaded the market place like a genetically modified pitbull on steroids, gave players the long-awaited ability to work out at home. With their Wii. This time around, Nintendo gives us Wii Fit

Dear Nintendo: Canadians Don’t Weigh Themselves in Metric

So, I picked up Wii Fit Plus the day after it came out, and while the full review is coming next week, I have a beef now that I figured I would let people know about. If your Wii’s location

E3 2009 screenshot collection

Trailers and teasers are great, but sometimes it’s nice to have a good long look at an official high resolution screen grab. Flip through the pages for shots from Galaxy 2, Metroid other M, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Golden

Nintendo still burning calories with Wii Fit Plus

Still have pounds to shed? Don’t worry—Nintendo has your back. The company confirmed rumors by today revealing Wii Fit Plus, a sequel to its popular fitness game Wii Fit. Included with the exercises are 15 new balance games, including juggling,