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Breaking – Nintendo reveals 18 launch titles for 3DS

Nintendo has revealed the list of 18 games set to launch with the 3DS system on March 27th: • Pilotwings Resort™ • Steel Diver™ • nintendogs™ + cats • Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition • The Sims™ 3 •

New Game Get – Donkey Kong, Sonic, and Harry Potter invade a store near you

The holiday push continues this week with Donkey Kong Country Returns, Sonic Colors, Harry Potter, the Sims, and many other franchises hitting the stores. What’s on your wish list? Click on in for all Wii & DS games released November

Infendo goes hands-on with MySims Kingdom

Our unofficial Sims Week ends today with a hands-on preview of MySims Kingdom. In case you missed them, we posted an in-depth preview of SimAnimals on Sunday, and we followed up Wednesday with one of the first SimCity Creator reviews

EA’s Zwerling: Lack of online in MySims Wii “more of a Nintendo issue than on our end”

Electronic Arts charmed Nintendo fans last year with MySims, a cute new Sims spin-off franchise focused on building and construction. The problem? No online. The reason? According to EA’s Erik Zwerling, MySims’ lack of online was “more of a Nintendo

Review: SimCity blueprint builds well on Wii

As part of our unofficial Sims Week, we’re bringing you an early review of SimCity Creator for Wii. In case you missed it, we posted an in-depth preview of SimAnimals on Sunday, and we’ll be finishing up with a hands-on

Infendo previews SimAnimals; EA wants you to be king of the forest

This week is unofficial Sims Week here on Infendo. It starts today with a preview of SimAnimals, and we’ll be following up Wednesday with an early review of the Wii version of SimCity Creator. Later this week, we’ll have a