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Infendo Radio 367 – Introducing special guest Jon Sakura!

Infendo Radio

This week week we have special guest Jon Sakura, who owns the game store chain in Albuquerque Gamers Anonymous. He gives us an insight on what is is like to run a game store, as well as picking our brains

Infendo Radio 366 – Playing with my Swapdoodle

Infendo Radio

Oh November. You bring us such nice things! From food at the Thanksgiving table, to time with family and friends, and even a new Zelda title to enjoy! Wait, what do you mean Breath of the Wild was delayed? MA,

Infendo Radio 364: Is it March Yet?

Infendo Radio

Look, we understand. It’s going to be a hard week. With the election looming and the prospect have dealing with Christmas shopping right aroud the corner, we here at Infendo Radio are here for you. Off to the polls. Infendo

Nintendo Switch Presentation

  Nintendo has announced today that they will be doing a presentation on January 12 to provide more details on the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. I’m hoping it’ll be relatively affordable as Nintendo rarely sells their systems at a loss.

Infendo Radio 362: Nintendo Switch!!!

Infendo Radio

Thank you Nintendo. Thank you Miyamoto. Bless you Kimishima. Nintendo NX Switch has finally been announced, and Infendo Radio is here to tell you all about it! It isn’t all Nintendo Switch news as we briefly discuss Pokémon GO and Pokémon Sun and