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Tuesday Time Warp: Top 10 NES Games


What better place to start our new retro feature than the very system that kickstarted this wonderful journey, the Nintendo Entertainment System. For many gamers, the NES was the system that changed our lives and sucked us into a world of endless possibilities. Whether it was World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros, the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda, or the initial creepy moments of Metroid, the NES captured the hearts of millions right off the bat, and continues to entertain people to this very day.

No two lists will ever be the same, many different people have many different favorites, but the following games are certainly some of the most memorable from their time. So without further ado, these are the ten best NES games, as voted by the Infendo staff:

10. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse – Returning to the action-platforming of the original Castlevania, Dracula’s Curse added so much depth and variety to the series. The ability to switch characters throughout the game led you down different paths, making for incredible replay value, as you could play the whole game without seeing all it had to offer.


9. Kid Icarus – Built on the same engine as Metroid, and released around the same time, Kid Icarus often goes unnoticed and/or unappreciated. Where Metroid focuses more on exploration, Kid Icarus focuses more on action-platforming, with some RPG elements. Full of unique worlds and labyrinthine fortresses, Icarus is challenging, yet thrilling.


8. Metroid – The original exploration game, Metroid came out of nowhere and stunned gamers. Its eerie atmosphere, open world, and non-linear gameplay made it extremely unique and set the blueprint for one of Nintendo’s most unique series of all time.



7. Duck Tales – Built on the Mega Man engine, and taking many of its action-platforming aspects directly from it, Duck Tales stands out as one of many licensed Disney games that proved to be more than just a kids game. With an amazing soundtrack, incredible levels, and an unforgettable pogo-stick attack, Duck Tales is an absolute treasure.


6. Contra – A thrilling cross between Rambo and Alien, Contra was shooting action at its finest on the NES. The best multiplayer game on the system, Contra was a non-stop barrage of militant music and alien beat downs.



5. Super Mario Bros. – Perhaps the most iconic and recognizable game in Nintendo’s rich history, Super Mario Bros. was the quintessential NES game. For an entire generation of gamers its impact was immediate. A challenging, brilliant platformer, Super Mario Bros. is forever synonymous with Nintendo.


4. Mega Man 2 – Released only a year after Mega Man, this powerful sequel managed to up the ante in every way possible. More Robot Masters, up from 6 to 8, made for more variety. Brilliant level designs, unique enemies, and an absolutely memorable soundtrack make this the high point of the Mega Man series.


 3. Punch-Out!! – A brilliant game full of absurdly unique characters, Punch-Out!! is more than just a “boxing game.” It was a test of skill, of timing, of pattern recognition. Punch-Out!! demanded you to play it again and again, mastering each comical opponent as you worked your way to the top.


2. The Legend of Zelda – The game that kicked off one of the greatest series in video game history. Zelda was one of the biggest, most ambitious games of its time, and tested players wits and ingenuity. Many elements have been improved upon, but this game laid the groundwork for every Zelda game that followed.


1. Super Mario Bros. 3 – Following the oddity that is Super Mario Bros. 2, SMB3 picks up where the first game left off, and runs away with it. Prettier graphics, better level designs, cooler power-ups, SMB3 had it all. It took platforming to new heights and is the gold standard for all Mario games.

Posted by Justin Riley 25.02.2015 in All
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New card cases hit Club Nintendo

If you listen to Infendo Radio, you may know that I’m quite keen on Club Nintendo, a rewards program for fans who register their games and systems and take surveys to earn coins that can be redeemed for downloadable games and physical goodies. Today the service saw the addition of new Nintendo 3DS game card cases for 400 coins per “set.” A set includes a card case in the shape and build of a regular Nintendo 3DS game case and three reversible covers to choose from (adding up to 6 different designs). The Zelda set features one cover devoted to Zelda artwork, one to Mario, and one to the 3DS. The Animal Crossing set has a similar 3DS cover and (of course) an Animal Crossing cover with another Mario cover rounding out the collection. Click here for all the details, including images of the new offerings.

Posted by Holly Fellmeth 15.01.2014 in All
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New Super Mario 3D World trailer has a distinctly jazzy feel…and lots of new gameplay

YouTube Preview Image

Today’s Nintendo Direct opened with perhaps the most extensive look at Super Mario 3D World to date. It showed off equal amounts of the game’s character and gameplay, with a jazzy tune playing throughout and a look at power-ups galore. To name a few, the game will feature the cat suit we’ve already seen, the return of Super Mario 3D Land’s boomerang suit, a cherry that splits Mario into multiple Marios, numerous held items like a baseball and a piranha plant pot, and other items either ridden by Mario or worn on his head. It’s going to be quite the compilation of power-ups and items.

Thankfully, many moments in the trailer indicate that Super Mario 3D World isn’t just going to be a generic sequel to Super Mario 3D Land. The music playing in the background of the trailer and moments like Bowser driving up in a purple car adorned with spikes demonstrate the theme the game is clearly going for.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch this excellent trailer and let us know what you’re the most excited for in the comments below!

Posted by Holly Fellmeth 01.10.2013 in All
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Opinion: Nintendo Counterbalances Industry Excess

Opinion: Nintendo Counterbalances Industry Excess





Nintendo Entertainment System was the first video game system I played. Back then, my playtime was mostly a save-the-princess affair. Playing Nintendo games granted me a way to do something larger than myself. It allowed me to do good deeds.  As I’ve grown older and technology has advanced, mainstays like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Brothers, and Pokémon counterbalance the more mature titles I play. You know the Mortal Kombats and No More Heroes of the world. While many people decry the company’s family friendly approach to game development, Nintendo’s fans appreciate it for that very reason. Family friendliness balances the industry’s action game-orientation while delivering simplicity and moderating the industry’s excesses (think: the glut of T- and M-rated titles). 

First up is my simplicity argument. Life today is more complex than ever. It is more hectic, with more errands, more errands, more school, more everything. Nintendo does a marvelous job at making our hobby uncomplicated. Instead of pursuing a glut of features and beefier hardware with each generation like its competitors, Nintendo strives for matters most: the gaming experience. And that may be why Nintendo is still relevant after 124 years. Competitors just don’t match Nintendo in that arena.

Second, Nintendo brings moderation to the industry. Competitors market themselves as a destination for the ‘core’ gaming demographic. Of course, that is where the money is. But it is hard to find true success in an already overcrowded field. So Nintendo found its niche. The market it carved out helps consumers and promotes a healthy industry. Consumers get to choose from a wider range of video game genres, each with high-quality titles. The industry benefits via market expansion; which means bringing in people who would never touch a Call of Duty game. Thus, developers must diversify their offerings to reflect the greater range of tastes which benefits everyone.

Many people around the world credit Nintendo with saving the industry after the video game crash in 1983. But few discuss Nintendo’s contemporary role as a balancer. It is about time we did. Let’s have that discussion in the comments below. 

Posted by Rakim Reid 23.09.2013 in All
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Could Wii U Launch with Super Mario Bros. 4?

Could Wii U Launch with Super Mario Bros. 4?

Nintendo has now confirmed that it is working on a 2D Super Mario Bros. game for the Wii U based around the “Mario Experience” demo presented at E3 last year. At the same time, speculation is running wild that this game may be related to the domain recently registered by Nintendo. If the game is already well underway, could Nintendo be returning to those magical days when a new system meant a Mario game on day one?

If so, I’m afraid I will find myself in another lineup outside an EB Games this fall.

Posted by Robert 17.04.2012 in All
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Get your 8-bit Mario in Pushmo form right here!

Get your 8-bit Mario in Pushmo form right here!

I’m rather engrossed in the puzzle creation tool in Pushmo right now. This week I have another character puzzle for you. It’s the plumber we all know and love in all his 8-bit glory: Mario!

I placed a three-star difficulty rating on this puzzle, but when you’re the creator, it’s hard to know whether your rating is accurate. So my question for those of you who download and play it: would you change the difficulty? Let me know in the comments along with any other thoughts you might have!

Posted by Holly 21.02.2012 in All
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