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Paper Mario

The latest Iwata Asks is a wealth of cool Nintendo info. In addition to yesterday’s revelation that the 3DS would benefit from a Super Mario Bros. title “ASAP,” we also were given access to some of the very first design

Miyamoto’s 3DS Super Mario Bros. title will be out “ASAP”

Has infamously pro-3D Shigeru Miyamoto (as in Mario 64, not silly glasses) finally come around on the resurgent 2D platformer? Perhaps he has, if recent Iwata Asks interview answers are any indication. “In the interests of adopting new technology for

New Game Get – 1980’s edition?

I honestly feel like I’m back in my childhood with releases including Tron and Super Mario Bros. Heck, I even watched a fair share of Yogi Bear cartoons when I was a kid. Click on in for all Wii &

Get a Wii in Infendo Red! (Japan Only!)

Ever wanted an Infendo Colored Wii? Nintendo Japan has got you covered: a limited edition red console in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros.  It’s not “official” Infendo swag, sure – but you can bet your britches

Super Mario Sisters nearly happened

While sifting through some filings at the United States Patent and Trademark Office as I am wont to do on a Saturday night, I stumbled upon a trademark filing made by Nintendo for “Super Mario Sisters.” After holding the trademark for