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The calm before the storm: Infendo’s E3 2014 predictions

E3 2014 is upon us, which is a blessing (and a curse for the stress and writing workload) for many game journalists and bloggers like us at Infendo. In a span of a few short days, Nintendo will be unveiling

So…Seems Like Mario Has Become a Sex Symbol…

In a new advertising campaign for the 3DS, starring Kim Cattrall, we find that Mario is pretty popular with the ladies.  Even while Kim is on the go, she always finds time spend some time with our favorite mustached plumber

Super Mario 3D Land Review: The plumber still amazes

What a relief! After months of waiting, Mario’s arrived on 3DS with all cylinders firing. Super Mario 3D Land isn’t just a good portable Mario game; it’s one of the very best Mario adventures, topped only (for me, anyway) by

Mario arrives today!

The reason many of us bought a 3DS in the first place goes on sale in North America today! I’m off to pick up my copy, along with (hopefully) the Tanooki Mario keychain that was part of the preorder deal.

Infendo PSA: If you live in New York, get your butt to Times Square this Saturday

So Nintendo knows that the release of any Mario title is kind of a big deal, and when Super Mario 3D Land releases this Sunday, they plan on turning Times Square into a Mario themed obstacle course to celebrate. I

Super Mario 3D Land offers two different 3D views for gameplay

In the final weeks of game development, the team behind Super Mario 3D Land took a look at the nearly-finished Mariokart 7, liked what they saw, and promptly altered the way you experience 3D in their platformer.