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Nintendo to Patch Controversial Tomodachi Collection: New Life Glitch

Tomodachi Collection: New Life quickly became Japans hottest selling 3DS game after it launched.  The games is sort of a mixture between Sims and Animal crossing, but allows the player to be their Mii character in game.  A part of

Review: MySims Agents the best MySims yet

There’s something charming about listening to developers who are genuinely excited about their game. The exuberance with which they discuss their work is infectious, and while they gush like freckle-faced tee ballers being handed shiny plastic trophies, it’s almost impossible

Designer Geoff Mitchell chats about MySims

After stealthily slipping into Electronic Arts’ recording studio thanks to a handful of Infendo-branded smoke pellets, we escaped with five minutes of audio from a Simlish recording session for MySims. But Blake’s slave-driving the work of a ninja never ends.

Quebsy dinglits; an inside-look at EA’s Simlish

Remember, never yahso the patinzee. You might zanka your boolah or, even worse, yarbo your kanizdoowah—and oh, quebsy dinglits! Surprisingly, some of that gibberish is translatable. Well, about 20 percent of it, that is. It’s written in Simlish, the improvised

New Game Get – Nintendo releases for the week ending January 18th

Not a bad week for releases.  Big Bang Mini for the DS looks pretty cool.  If you’re into Sims and Animals, there’s SimAnimals on Wii.  SHMUP fans might dig Ultimate Shooting Collection for Wii. Wii Ultimate Shooting Collection SimAnimals DS