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One of DS’s most beloved franchises just hit iPhone. Can Nintendo recapture the casual gaming market? Should they even try?

Scribblenauts Remix, a “best of” blend of DS’s two well-reviewed Scribblenauts releases (plus some new levels), just hit the App Store for $4.99. And it’s awesome–one of the strongest titles in the iOS library. This is no lazy port of

Super Scribblenauts for DS adds Adjectives

How many of you bought and played the heck out of the first game? I know I did, and I have to say the formula really hasn’t changed, but the some of the game play and puzzle elements have. Super

Famous Developers Flex Their Creativity for WarioWare: D.I.Y.

As if I don’t have reason enough to buy WarioWare DIY, this sounds very awesome: Some of the video game industry’s brightest talents are contributing to a unique series of microgames for the upcoming WarioWareâ„¢: D.I.Y. game for the Nintendo

Nintendo Spotting – Scribblenauts nut with Phantom Gourmet!

[Infendo reader and frequent commentor, Instant_Awesome, shares his love of Scribblenauts and food from last weekend.] I thought you might like to see this. I went to the Phantom Gourmet Food Festival on Saturday, which was an absolute blast. I

Review: Scribblenauts imaginative, but not perfect

Back in June, 5th Cell (creators of Drawn to Life and Locke’s Quest) blew everyone away at E3 with their new game, Scribblenauts, and its motto: Write Anything, Solve Everything. People were amazed by the idea of a game that

Sweet Power Up – Scribblenauts Cake

Infendo reader Davidson just sent us a few pictures of a cake his sister made for him. If you couldn’t tell the cake is a hazelnut cake and Maxwell is made out of coloured white chocolate. Looks pretty delicious for