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Nintendo will be attending this year’s GDC, but in a slightly smaller role

Typically, it’s not so much the news that comes out of the Game Developers Conference by the insight that is important. In years past, Nintendo has had the opportunity to hold the keynote address. Just last year Satoru Iwata revealed

The tale of Satoru Iwata and third party titles

Satoru Iwata is the fourth president of Nintendo, and has seen the company through it’s highest highs, and now it’s lowest lows. For Nintendo to get back on top, it is going to take something special from Iwata, and in

Final Wii U design will be shown at E3 2012, Nintendo taking steps to not follow in the 3DS’s footsteps

With this year’s financials out for Nintendo, it has been plain to see that the company is in a bit of a lull. Iwata has said so himself stating “As we learned a bitter lesson with the launch of the

Iwata and Nintendo think 3DS is on the right track for success, set gameplan for 2012 and beyond

Nintendo has heard your (and mine) cries and pleas for new game content on 3DS, that is if you believe what Mr. Iwata has said to investors in the company’s quarterly financial results briefing. Iwata even goes as far as

Satoru Iwata explains Nintendo’s abrupt 3DS price reduction

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata today discussed with shareholders his decision to suddenly slash the price of 3DS. A price cut for a system so soon after it’s launch is obviously troubling news to investors, so much so that Iwata himself

Satoru Iwata has been listening, is not pleased with lack of games on Wii

It?s funny how much Nintendo has changed in the last decade. For the first time in its history, Nintendo was no longer the market leader as the Sony Playstation had broken onto the scene and easily ran away with the