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Kickstarter-funded Punch Out!! encyclopedia is a thing of beauty

Kickstarter-funded Punch Out!! encyclopedia is a thing of beauty

Punch Out encyclopedia

Internet darling and crowd-funding website, Kickstarter, is known for supplying endless opportunities for prospective entrepreneurs to get creative projects onto the market with the helping hand of interested backers. Projects on the site range from indie films, food-related products, journalism endeavors, and vast amounts of iPhone case designs that may or may not be worth the initial $5 pledge.  In the case of video games though, Daniel Lanciana is putting together his creative talents with the help of the Kickstarter community to fund a full-fledged 240-page hardcover Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! encyclopedia. Suddenly, the coffee table book market just got a whole lot geekier and pixelized.

A non-profit fan creation, Lanciana was compelled to pursue the project out of a knack for finding, absorbing, and simplifying any topic that interests him.

“The passion behind the project was to print myself a copy, which I’ve done,” Lanciana tells Joystiq in a recent interview. However, the fear of Nintendo and their lawsuit-ready lawyers could poise a threat if completely funded. “Getting it to a wider audience would be great, but if it’s crushed by Nintendo I won’t mind at all as I would have given it my best shot.”

Applying this information, Lanciana is setting out to give fans of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! a bit of closure with a 25th anniversary retrospective of the classic NES boxing title.

Punch Out!! encyclopedia sample pageAs of today, Lanciana’s Kickstarter fund is less than $8,000 short of his $25,000 goal with less than 20 days before the deadline. Starting with a $10 pledge, backers will be able to receive a PDF copy of Lanciana’s project, whereas those who pledge $125 or more will receive the deluxe hardcover edition. In addition, the maximum pledge is of $250, which guarantees backers with a autographed deluxe edition of the book and a collectable poster.

Features of the book will include the history, development, critical reception, and character biographies of the original game, along with full-page parody images and a look into underbelly of Punch Out!! merchandise. That last feature alone is enough for one to explore the concept of backing this carefully crafted encyclopedia.

For any avid gamer, Lanciana’s project is a prime example of what the Kickstarter community can produce. With over 200 backers and counting, Lanciana is doing what any young self-professed retro gaming entrepreneur would do: Giving back to the fans of a classic game a well-thought and creative gift.

Now, if only Nintendo’s lawyers won’t spoil the fun by sending Mr. Lanciana a cease-and-desist order.


Posted by Harrison Milfeld 12.09.2012 in All
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Nintendo announces new line of ‘select’ titles

Nintendo announces new line of 'select' titles
While this may be old news to some,  Nintendo has just confirmed a new round of titles to be given the budget treatment and become a part of the Nintendo Selects line of games. Starting August 28th, Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!!, and Super Mario Galaxy will all be available for purchase at the low price of $19.99. This follows the previous four titles that have received the select treatment.

It is no secret that in the past couple of months the Nintendo Wii has faced hard times at retail. This move will surely increase retail interest, but will it be enough to get starved Wii owners through until Skyward Sword releases this holiday? My game collection already contains all of the titles in the Nintendo Selects line of games, and I have an inkling that gamers that have had their Wii from the beginning will be in the same boat.

You know what would really be rad? How about a Nintendo Selects line for the 3DS? $40 per game is killer!

Will you be selecting any of these titles?

Posted by Eugene Allen 16.08.2011 in All
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To fight Doc, or wear a silly hat?—that is the question

To fight Doc, or wear a silly hat?—that is the question

504x_dlpo___screens_03Club Nintendo Platinum members have only a few weeks left to make their decision. Super Mario hat, or extra Doc level in Punch-Out!!? Hopefully these pics can help you make the decision.

Posted by Jack 29.07.2009 in All
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Screw Mike Tyson, it’s Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! Club Nintendo rewards revealed!

Screw Mike Tyson, it's Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! Club Nintendo rewards revealed!


Kotaku (and Will apparently) already beat me to it, but Club Nintendo’s Gold and Platinum rewards have been revealed – and it includes the first “titled” Punch-Out since the days of Mike Tyson – Doc Louis’s Punch-Out is an exclusive downloadable game available only to Platinum Club Nintendo members.  If you reached the highest membership level, you’ll have to choose between the Platinum exclusive Punch-Out brawl with Little Mac’s coach – or an official Mario Hat.

Gold members? You guys get a calendar.  Wish you’d registered more games yet? Yeah, me too.  Check out Will’s post below for full details.

Posted by Sean Buckley 14.07.2009 in All
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Lamest Father’s Day Gift Ever!

Lamest Father's Day Gift Ever!


I wonder what the inside looks like…

Posted by Will Thompson 12.06.2009 in Uncategorized
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Punch-Out!! floors critics, cracks Wii top ten

Punch-Out!! floors critics, cracks Wii top ten

Forget the split decision. Little Mac has knocked out the critics.

With an average review score of 8.9 out of 10 on Metacritic, Punch-Out!! has nudged the newly released Boom Blox Bash Party and cult classic Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure out of their spots among the Wii’s ten most critically acclaimed games of all-time.

Metacritic aggregates reviews from Web and print media for average scores. As of today, the Punch-Out!! rating is based on 23 reviews.

An overdue revival of Nintendo’s revered NES and SNES franchise, Punch-Out!! released to retail this week and we’ve absolutely loved it. Now we’re asking you—does Punch-Out!! belong among Wii’s elite?

Posted by Derek 22.05.2009 in All
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