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Nintendo, E3, and The Competition

Although today is the official start of E3, yesterday was pretty revealing. By now, you surely know that the Xbox One will retail for a whopping $499 and will launch on November 21st in various markets.  They blasted us with

Wii U, Xbox One, and PS4

Yesterday’s Xbox one reveal (Click here to see my report on the reveal) was pretty fantastic, compared to the PS4’s lackluster announcement.  We were able to see actual game play for Call of Duty Ghosts, quite a few additional features,

So, apparently EA says it is still developing games for the Wii U

After last week’s surprising comments from Electronic Arts spokesperson Jeff Brown about the company not having any titles in development for the Wii U, many current owners of Nintendo’s latest console were none too pleased about their sentiments. Some analysts

The Gaming World Against The Wii U

It seems that everywhere you turn, there is nothing but negative news surrounding the Wii U.  Honestly, other than Infendo.com and a few other Nintendo centric websites, I cannot find anyone that has reported on the good aspects of the

OMG! PS4 is a thing! Should Nintendo pack up shop and fold in this console generation?

Sony’s event has come and gone. Twitter is aflutter with cries of Nintendo’s demise, and the doom and gloom of the Wii U. Is Nintendo in trouble? Should the fans of the Wii U be worried? Well, yes and no.