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Nintendo Tops U.S. Video Game Hardware Sales in April

According to the independent NPD Group, Nintendo’s Wii™ system and Nintendo DS™ family of systems outsold all other gaming hardware in the United States during the month of April. Even before the announcement of the new Wii hardware package, U.S.

Nintendo’s Post-Holiday Line-up Revealed!
Release information on No More Heroes, Megaman 10, new Wii Remote bundles and more!

The new year is nearly upon us – it’s time to scope out what releases just barely missed holiday release, what games to look forward to summer for, and the games we hope to see by holiday season next year. 

Nintendo Officialy Dropping Wii to $199.99 on September 27th

The Nintendo Wii will be dropped to a price of $199.99 in the United States starting September 27th, 2009. Hit the jump for the press release.

Nintendo confirms five DSiWare titles available at launch

The DSi is set to be released Sunday, April 5th with five downloadable titles in the DSi Shop available the following day. Will they be worth your free 1,000 Nintendo Points? Hit the jump to read the press release and

Press Release: Nintendo Reports Third Quarter Financials For Fiscal Year 2009

Global Sales Mark 17% Growth Over Previous Year Despite nearly unprecedented strength of the yen against major foreign currencies, Nintendo Co., Ltd. on Thursday (Japan time) reported 9-month (April to December 2008) global sales of 1,536 billion yen, an increase

Legacy of Ys: Books I and II delayed

So according to an Atlus update, the Legacy of Ys DS game is going to have a special premium box. Each copy is going to be turned into that box and it will include a special soundtrack CD. However there is now a small