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Weekend Discussion: What Can Nintendo Do to Win Back Lost Fans?

I love my Wii U, the games, the features, the game-pad, and just about everything about the console.  In fact, I honestly don’t have any complaints about the console.  However, there are a lot of Nintendo fans that are upset

Reggie Speaks: “Games Drive The Install Base”

In an interview with Forbes, Reggie was ready when the tough question about the Wii U’s lack of power, compared to the PS4 and Xbox One, was discussed.  In fact, he pointed out two very successful, yet underpowered, consoles from

April Nintendo Power brings Olympian conflict to your coffee table!

Kid Icarus Uprising fans eager to expand their collection of battling AR cards can get a boost from this month’s Nintendo Power. It includes three free cards, and they’re all superstars: Poseidon, Medusa (battle form) and Thanatos. I let the