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Pokemon No. 719 is revealed

The 719th Pokemon has been revealed. The new rock and fairy type called Diancie will formally make its debut in the latest Pokemon movie, titled Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie. The movie is due out in Japan on July 19.

Pokemon X sold more than Pokemon Y in 2013

  Nintendo confirmed recently that Pokémon X sold 1.63 million copies, Pokémon Y 1.54 million. Those figures are through the end of December 2013 and are U.S sales only.  Those figures also justify the purchase of about 1.63 million people. 

Nintendo releases Holiday 3DS commercial

“Why do we play 3DS?” That’s the question Nintendo and several children pose in the latest advertisement suited for the upcoming Holiday season. Several clips of popular 3DS titles such as Pokemon X & Y, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Luigi’s

Luminose City Patch Available for Pokemon X/Y

  Nintendo just released a patch for Luminose City’s save bug. You see, some players found that saving the game in certain areas within Luminose City made them lose their progress. Players could not open their game save, which forced

Pokemon: Remembering the Good Times

  I recall fondly my first foray into Pokémon.  It began over 14 years ago with a Pokémon Blue purchase at a local Toys R Us.  I still recall the game’s packaging new smell, inserting the Game Boy cartridge, booting the

Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Pokemon Company announces special treasure hunt and music video

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company had been teasing a special announcement last week, which left some of us pondering the possibilities. Now, the surprise both companies have been touting is a special Pokemon-themed treasure hunt. In this new promotion, you