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Whatever you do this weekend, make this your soundtrack

WARNING: What follows is an off-topic post. Get out while you can, man! Looking for some fresh music to listen to this weekend? Do you enjoy what the kids call “Electronic Dance Music”? If so, skip over to my personal

Off-topic: This science fiction demotivation poster is all sorts of funny

I understand this has been floating around message boards for a while, but I still chuckled upon seeing it. Have a great weekend, everyone.

What have you done so far this summer?

I hate to break it to you—especially you students. But summer is almost over. A few weeks more and it’s, as my friend Billy used to say, “Back to school, back to school.” That said, what fun things have you

Official Tron message board: Did you see it?

I shirked work this morning to watch an early bird screening of Tron: Legacy. AWESOME. You planning on seeing the movie tonight? If so, swing back here after you watch it and let us know what you thought. As for

Off-topic – Movember 2010

Each year I participate in Movember, a worldwide moustache-growing movement to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Association. You can learn more about Movember and donate to support a great cause. My team has already received nearly $800

Overly personal poll: Do you pray?

I posted a similar poll on my blog this year and thought it would be fun to gauge the “religiocity” of Infendo readers as well. So tell us, people of the world: {democracy:122} Whatever your beliefs, happy Sunday, everyone.