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Report: Nintendo to unveil Wii U release date and pricing on September 13 in NYC

The moment we’ve all been waiting for ever since the conclusion of E3 2012 could be upon us, as Nintendo of America is planning to unveil the Wii U’s release date and pricing at a special event in New York

Does Nintendo Shun North America?

Over the years Nintendo has released many games in Japan that North America might never get the chance to play.  Two examples, out of many, are Pandora’s Tower and Project Zero. Both games are highly sought after in North America,

PAX East: Kid Icarus Scavenger Hunt and Upcoming Game Previews

Nintendo is giving fans an opportunity to show off their Kid Icarus: Uprising skills during a multi-player tournament at this year’s Pax East!  They have also scheduled a scavenger hunt to find AR cards.  And don’t forget all of the

3D video coming to Nintendo 3DS?

According to Nintendo of America, 3DS users will soon have the ability to “enjoy FREE, specially selected video content that includes 3D movie trailers, comedy clips and music videos.”  This information was confirmed after speculation of Netflix streaming 3D movies

New hiring at Nintendo of America

Remember Cammie Dunaway, former executive vice president of sales & marketing for Nintendo of America? Well she no longer works for Nintendo, she left October 1st of last year. Who is going to take her place?