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No Friend Requests or Private Messages for 3DS Miiverse

Last Wednesday, it was announced via a 3DS-centric Nintendo Direct that the Miiverse and unified eShop balances would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS early in December. All the pieces seemed to be in place for the company to lead

Nintendo Network IDs and Miiverse finally coming to the 3DS

3DS and Wii U owners received some positive news this morning during Nintendo’s 3DS-centric Nintendo Direct. The company announced today that Wii U owners with a Nintendo Network ID will be able to share their eShop account balances between Nintendo’s

The “Share Your Nintendo Network ID” Thread

With the Wii U finally out in North America, we’re now in full flux as we all start to tinker around with Nintendo’s sixth home console. Even though the Wii U’s operating system needs a little work with loading times

Nintendo finally outlines the Wii U’s online set up

With five days left until the Wii U’s North American launch, one question has still bugged many gamers: How will the Wii U’s online work? Finally, Nintendo has laid out the details of the Wii U’s online infrastructure and how it will affect certain