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Nintendo news round-up: Wii sells 35 million faster than any console in history, DOA DLC, and more

– Early last year, the Wii officially surpassed the NES as the best-selling Nintendo console in history. Now, according to a new press release, the Wii claims another milestone as it has sold 35 million consoles in the US faster

Youtube Tuesday – LMB Bros Luigi’s Day!

Mario makes sure Luigi gets the most out of his birthday! Have any suggestions or videos for YouTube Tuesday? Send them in at [email protected]

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – E3 2009 Trailer

Looks like great fun! Wouldn’t it work great for Wiiware?

E3 Exclusive!! Koopa Kids are Back!!

You heard it on Infendo first!!

How to say Reggie’s last name: “Fee-Suh-May”

Straight from the source.

"New" Super Mario Bros?

So, May 15th there’ll be a new Mario game. Back to its roots, 2D with beefed up 3D characters, straight up platforming goodness, right outta the classic formula. Everyone’s excited. Everyone else, anyway. I dunno, when i see new screens