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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's 'ScareScraper' Multiplayer

Nintendo of America have released a new trailer for ‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’, which is coming to the 3DS March 24th, supporting both local and online for its multiplayer mode.  The trailer is focused on the game’s multiplayer mode, ‘ScareScraper’,

Katsuya Eguchi Explains Why Nintendo Land Does Not Feature Online Play

In my opinion, Nintendo Land is the perfect pack in game.  It gives us familiar characters, fun and quick mini games, as well as a great family experience.  What more could we ask for? Some have asked for online multi-player

Some Online Mario Kart (7) “WTF?!” Moments – For Your Pleasure (Part 1 of 2)

Don’t let the picture fool you. This isn’t about a simple Blue Shell, Lightning Bolt, or Bullet Bill crashing into you at the worst possible moment during an online race. That’s standard fare, after all. Everyone’s been down that road

Mario Sports Mix ready to set and serve on February 7th

Developed by Square Enix and published by Nintendo, Mario Sports Mix will debut on Wii this coming February 7th. The game will give players the opportunity to play basketball, hockey, volleyball, and dodge ball with all of your favorite Mario characters.

Cool-looking Wii headset sold separately for Call of Duty: Black Ops

For $25 bucks, this thing looks pretty cool (also available in white). Since the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops for Wii supports both online multiplayer and voice chat, is this something you’d be interested in picking up? And are