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Wii Remote Plus comparison pics

The Wii Remote Plus launches this Sunday, at least as a $50 bundle with FlingSmash. Interestingly, the Remote Plus is identical in weight to the original controller. But it is MotionPlus ready — a nice little touch for the five

Eji Aonuma speaks about Skyward Sword, talks about Motion Plus, Story, and Design

A Gamespot interview from E3 featuring Eji Aonuma, has him talking about the elements of Skyward Sword and some of the games design. It’s an interesting interview and provides more depth to Skyward sword than what most people already know

Natal renamed “Kinect,” to launch with “Kinect Sports”

Various sources from around the internet are reporting that Xbox’s much hyped project Natal has been officially renamed to Xbox Kinect.  Although this in itself is not specifically Nintendo news, it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft’s controller free revolution will be

Are you happy with Motion Plus?

It has been almost a year since the Motion Plus has been available to the public, and Approximately 16 titles were released so far in the devices lifetime. 22 titles if you want to count the Japan and European exclusive

Motion Plus May be Permanently Embedded in Silicone Jacket

IGN is reporting that multiple sources suggested that Nintendo’s upcoming Wii-Motion Plus peripheral may come embedded in one of Nintendo’s trademark silicone sleeves. IGN’s Matt Cassamassina had this to say in a post-GDC write up: During the show, there were

Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus coming out in…June?

Remember way back at E3 2008 when everyone’s favorite Reggie Fils-Aime promised Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus for a spring time release? Here we are and I still haven’t gotten to ecstatically throw a virtual beach frisbee, Cammie Dunaway style.