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Mother 1 + 2 (Earthbound) Figures Incoming!

Big fan of the “Mother” series that brought us Earthbound on the SNES? So are the folks at Earthbound Central, who we blatantly borrowed this news item from:  8cm tall MOTHER figures are on their way to Japan later this

What if Garry’s Mod and Mother 3 had a Baby?
It would be something like this, oh wait, this is real and playable!

Recently during my gaming exploits I heard some talk about a Mother 3 game for Garry’s Mod. For those of you who don’t know Garry’s mod is a game on steam that runs off the source engine where people can

Weekly Sweet Power Up

After a bit of a break the Weekly Sweet Power Up is back with Kim’s Cakes delicious tribute to Earthbound’s hero. Sent in by our very own Will Thompson. PK Fondant!

Youtube Tuesday – Humoresque of a Little Dog

Since he hadn’t played the tune before, Tom takes it at a slow tempo all the way through the first time, rather than speeding up throughout the tune as I indicate on the sheet music, then plays it faster all

Mother 3 Translation updates with Patch 1.1

While visiting around the Mother 3 fan translation website I noticed that they actually updated their blog with some new information. apparently they have updated their translation patch to fix a few bugs and glitches… The new patch fixes all