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Feel the Joy: A Few Custom Joy-Con Ideas

The Switch’s Joy-Con are pretty cool. Being able to change out your controller’s appearance in a few seconds is pretty cool, and I can definitely see collecting them becoming a habit (albeit an expensive one). Here’s a few ideas for

Mining for a Crafty Review

Minecraft Switch Edition By Steve Peacock Wow! For the better part of two weeks I’ve been saying I was going to get this review written. The funny thing about game reviews is how when the game is good, it is

Super fandom: Minecrafters recreate Super Mario Land with 18 million blocks

Speechless at the seemingly hundreds of hours this probably took to build. (Thanks, Milo)

Check out Zelda Link’s Awakening, in Minecraft!

Minecraft is a pretty amazing game. Now if only I had the creativity and the the tine to create something like opening cutscene for Link’s Awakening with the building blocks available in the game. Has any Infendo reader been able