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Miiverse Accessible Through Web Browsers

  Miiverse is now available on web browsers, albeit with limited functionality. The service is currently in beta and cannot reply to threads at this moment, but should be able to at a later date. To view Miiverst on a

Miiverse Code of Conduct: Understanding The Ban

Remember the first time you posted something that you found witty on the Miiverse, only to be rewarded with a deleted comment?  What about the time you posted your best doodle on the Miiverse, and found out you were banned

Video: Nintendo Updates Miiverse

NintenDaan has posted a video to his YouTube account that shows new (albeit small) features have been added to Nintendo’s social network community, Miiverse. Nintendo had previously announced that their Wii U online community would be undergoing some maintenance on Monday,

Wii U: First Impressions

So the Wii U has been out for a good three days now and I’d thought I’d write a bit of what impressed me and what hasn’t so far.

Iwata Talks The Demise of Friend Codes, Miiverse. More To Come.

In a post-financial briefing analyst discussion last week, Iwata discussed a few things of interest concerning the (fast approaching!) Wii U. Details regarding Miiverse, as well as Nintendo’s overall online strategy,  in particular, have been…. Scant. Well, good news, a

Nintendo of Europe Confirms: Mii Verse Will Not Connect to Facebook or Twtter

It seems that Facebook, Twiiter, Pinterest, and Tumblr are controlling the internet these days.  When I want to research a new company, product, or even a person, the first question I ask is, “Do they have a Facebook?”  This is