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Nintendo Issues New Super Luigi U Challenge

Masataka Takemoto, the game director for New Super Luigi U, recently announced a contest on the Miiverse for owners of this game.  Upon completing the game, the player is granted access to the secret island that stores various stats from

Iwata’s Thoughts On Social Media Connectivity

Social media is part of our daily lives in one form or another.  When Nintendo hyped up the MiiVerse, I expected that there would be some sort of connectivity to Facebook, Twitter, etc.  However, when that connectivity was not there,

Miiverse adds Facebook and Twitter sharing

The Miiverse is about to get connected with four major social media networks for extended sharing. Today, Nintendo announced that the browser version of Miiverse will now allow for Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+, and Tumblr sharing for posts. The new functionality

Mario Kart TV Can Share Replays

Nintendo has announced that Mario Kart 8 will include a feature known as Mario Kart TV. This feature allows players to share replays of their races on Miiverse. I’m sure there are more details to follow, but for now it

Luigi 3DS XL and MiiVerse Mobile Update

According to Polygon, Japan will be receiving a 30th anniversary edition 3DS XL featuring Luigi.  The handheld, which releases on July 18th (My birthday is on the 12th **Hint Hint, Nintendo**) fro 22,800 Yen (Approximately $225.90 USD).  The special edition

Unofficial Miiverse Apps Hit Android Market

Currently there are two unofficial Miiverse apps available on Android through Google Play.