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Update – Miiverse update coming this week?

Update – The 3DS Miiverse system update is now live. A tweet from a Nintendo Force writer has surfaced claiming that a scheduled maintenance day for the 3DS could be coming as early as today. Early last November, Nintendo had

Nintendo issues new Holiday infographic for would-be Wii U buyers

Nintendo is doing their best to make sure that holiday shoppers this year do not turn a deaf ear to the Wii U. In an interesting move, Nintendo has issued a new infographic detailing why you should own a Wii

No Friend Requests or Private Messages for 3DS Miiverse

Last Wednesday, it was announced via a 3DS-centric Nintendo Direct that the Miiverse and unified eShop balances would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS early in December. All the pieces seemed to be in place for the company to lead

Nintendo Network IDs and Miiverse finally coming to the 3DS

3DS and Wii U owners received some positive news this morning during Nintendo’s 3DS-centric Nintendo Direct. The company announced today that Wii U owners with a Nintendo Network ID will be able to share their eShop account balances between Nintendo’s

Wii U System Update

So with all of the attention that surrounded the Nintendo Direct on Tuesday, a system update for the Wii U stealthily downloaded to many consoles on Monday to surprise many gamers.  I should add, it will only update automatically (or

Nintendo Issues New Super Luigi U Challenge

Masataka Takemoto, the game director for New Super Luigi U, recently announced a contest on the Miiverse for owners of this game.  Upon completing the game, the player is granted access to the secret island that stores various stats from