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FIFA 08 – Wii exclusives with Ronaldinho

According to an EA press release, Ronaldinho will be bicycle kicking his way onto various video game systems this fall with some exclusive content for the Wii. In addition to an exclusive Mii character of the soccer/football star, the game

2,065 Mii Parade

Infendo fan and Forum poster, CaliHurBoy, found out that it takes almost 5 minutes for 2,065 Miis to run across the parade grounds on his Wii. Roughly 214 of them are Michael Jackson, 108 are Jesus, and 42 are Mario

Awesome Wii T-shirt: We’re Building An Armii

Infendo Fan and video game store employee Mark sent in this snapshot of an awesome t-shirt his local Nintendo rep dropped off.  Proceed to drool.

Every Mii has a Friend Code

A French interview meticulously analyzed by 4cr reveals the Friend Code mystery, such as it is, has grown ever deeper. G – And what about the Mii-specific codes? Each Mii created generates a Mii code which never changes. This code

Wii Big Brain Academy’s Online Features

The Japanese webpage for Wii’s “Big Brain Academy,” called Yawaraka Atama Jyuku, or “Soft Brain Cram-School” in Japan, has a section highlighting the game’s online features. The online component of the game allows you to compare your game grades with

1,000 Mii March

Pick one – The following video is an example of: a) Effective social networking b) Proof of the Sasquatch’s existencec) The Mii Parade’s robust usefulnessd) None of the above Thanks for the video, CaliHurBoy!