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Taking The Role Of Bowser, Microsoft Plots To Kidnap Wii Sales

Taking The Role Of Bowser, Microsoft Plots To Kidnap Wii Sales

Now that we are officially in the month of November, my excitement for the Wii U is overflowing.  I cannot wait!  However, Microsoft’s general manager of Interactive Entertainment product marketing, Matt Bowser, uhm…I mean Barlow, is plotting to capture the attention of current Wii owners.  Of course, he wants us to buy an xBox 360 this holiday season.

“I think this holiday season is an amazing jump off for all those people who may have been interested in the Wii and now want to be interested in high definition gaming. I can’t think of a better console for them to choose than one that has the most games available, the highest rated games available, than the Xbox 360 platform.

And when you look at the alternative experiences that we’re going to bring with SmartGlass, the entertainment providers that we’re bringing on board, with sports and music and movies and TV, and then if you think about those preeminent best selling blockbuster games that they’re going to want to play – HaloCall of DutyAssassin’s CreedForzaNike+ Kinect Fitness – they either play first or they play best on Xbox 360 and nowhere else.

Like I said, jump off is great and we like the way we’re positioned to pick those customers up. They really should consider an Xbox 360 if they’re looking for the best high definition gaming and entertainment platform.”

A couple things to note in his quote above, he does not mention Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 or Assassin’s Creed III.  Why is that?  Simple, he does not want to hint at the Wii U at all.  If he did, then he would have to admit the HD qualities of the Wii U, and other similar features between them.

Obviously, he is betting that the masses are not aware of the Wii U and its legitimacy in the gaming world.  I have asked many people, casually, if they are buying the Wii U, and they have either not heard about it, or believe it to be just an add on to the Wii.  I am guessing that Microsoft has had the same reaction, and is playing to those people.

I don’t believe his campaign will have a major impact on the Wii U sales, in fact Nintendo is starting their North America ad campaign today, so the news will spread quickly.  What are your thoughts?

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Watch Out Nintendo, WeMade Entertainment is Coming For You!

Watch Out Nintendo, WeMade Entertainment is Coming For You!

Over the years, Nintendo has battled many competitors across the gaming universe and each foe has fallen to the wayside.  Sure, you can argue that Sony and Microsoft are hanging on, and I wouldn’t disagree, but in gaming years they are still infants.  Nintendo has been around much longer and has learned from trial and error many times over.  I would say that Nintendo has been around the block so many times that they can now navigate it blindfolded (I think we have all seen some of the errors caused by the lack of site), but they always seem to find their way home safely.

Many of their competitors seem to appear out of nowhere, and slowly sneak up on Nintendo, but this year is a bit different.  WeMade Entertainment, best known for the Legend of Mir series, has officially announced that they plan to dominate the gaming market, and compete directly with the consoles.

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Could Xbox be Banned from the US?

Could Xbox be Banned from the US?

I know what you are thinking, this isn’t an article about Nintendo.  You are right, it isn’t…at least not directly.

In 2010, Motorola sued Microsoft for infringement of 16 patents.  I won’t bore you with the details, however Motorola had requested that Microsoft cease using their patented technology and provide compensation for past infringement.  Needless to say, Microsoft did not just write a blank check to Motorola, but instead decided to battle it out in court.  Of course there is a lot more to the court battle.  Microsoft has sued Motorola as well,  so it seemed that the case would be tied up in the court system for years, or until one side gave in.

The court battle has been ongoing and it is look like Microsoft might not come out of this one victorious.  In fact, it is looking really bad for Microsoft right now.  International Trade Commission Judge David Shaw has suggested that the Xbox 360 should stop all imports and all existing consoles already in the US should be banned from further sales.  This is a huge roadblock for a console that is posting stellar sales.  This does not even take into consideration the fact that we are entering a crucial time of the year for the video game industry with E3 just around the corner.

Of course Microsoft disputed the potential banning of the system, however Judge Shaw had the following response to Microsoft’s dispute:

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What If..?

What If..?

It seems that every generation has a series of consoles that battle over gaming dominance. Probably the greatest was Nintendo VS Sega.  I actually loved both systems equally, but always leaned a little towards Nintendo.

At times the NES/Sega battle got pretty intense with advertisements such as the one pictured above.  At the time it was great seeing them battle it out because new and exciting games were always arriving.  When one system released a game, Final Fantasy for example, the other counter attacked with a similar game, such as Phantasy Star.  To this day, I have to admit that Phantasy star was a great series (even though I am a Final Fantasy fan), and I love Phantasy Star 3’s unique play over multiple generations.

Sadly, there had to be a winner in the NES/Sega battle.  I am glad that NES won, but the constant back and forth between the two kept things exciting.  I don’t think anyone actually had a strict devotion to one console back then,  we just played for the love of the game.

Today’s console wars seem to be fairly quiet.  The big dogs seem to be Sony and Microsoft, but their focus seems to be on the system itself rather than the games.  Each has their die hard fans for one reason or another but neither is winning or losing the battle. I think a reason that the battle has not intensified is that too many games are available on multiple systems.  back in the day that was almost unheard of!  Sure it happened, but rarely.  Releasing a game on only one system would force the other systems to answer back with, hopefully, a bigger and better game.

Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo is still a big player in today’s console battlefield, but I think the big boys look at the NOA as the Canada of gaming.  Sure they have a defense and are ready to react at a moments notice, but they pose no threat to the more aggressive nations. I would love to see Nintendo get back in the battle, and Microsoft and Sony admit that NOA can be an admirable foe once again.

I had a thought last night while playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my Retron.   How great would it be if Sega got back into eh console game and reignited the fire between them and Nintendo?  What if they rebuilt their mascot base (minus Sonic, of course) and put the focus back on the games?  I am not saying they need to dummy down the system, but make it great as a stand alone system and make the games the reason to buy the system once again?  I realize this will probably never happen, but What if…?

YouTube Preview Image



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Cause for concern? Report says Apple is now Japan’s top consumer brand

Cause for concern? Report says Apple is now Japan's top consumer brand

A report published from the Japanese publication The Nikkei states that Apple, not Nintendo, Sony, or even Microsoft, is officially the top consumer brand in all of Japan. This is the first time that Apple has claimed the top spot in the Land of the Rising Sun with a a score of 90.5 (out of 100) in terms of total brand power. Car manufacture Toyota came in second in a separate survey, yet neither Nintendo or Sony were ever mentioned as to where they ranked in the report.

As odd and slightly off-putting as that seems, does this published report further hint that Apple is slowly becoming more and more of an apparent threat to Japanese video game giants such as Nintendo and Sony? Personally, Apple succeeding in a market such as Japan is both an accomplishment and testament to the late Steve Jobs’ legacy. Devices like the iPhone and iPad continue to sell like hotcakes in various markets outside North America while the 3DS gathers steam, yet this survey conducted through 52,000 people says otherwise.

What do you all think of The Nikkei’s findings? I for one am not a firm believer that consoles or traditional handhelds will not go the way of the dodo, yet Apple is slowly but surely beginning to win the hearts of the Japanese. Discuss!

Photo courtesy of Apple Gazzette. 

Posted by Harrison Milfeld 31.03.2012 in All
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How does Wii U compare to the rumored Xbox?

How does Wii U compare to the rumored Xbox?

While not exactly Nintendo news, IGN today has revealed that the next Xbox (how bout we DON’T call it the 720, shall we?) will be based on the AMD 6000 series of GPU architecture which was introduced last year. While we don’t know exactly what will ship inside the next Xbox, IGN cites that the GPU will be similar to the Radeon HD 6670, which sports DirectX 11, 3D, 1080p output, and multidisplay output. Their sources tell them that the console will be around six times as powerful as the Xbox 360, and will yield 20 percent greater performance than the Wii U. Allegedly the console will launch in late October or early November of 2013.

What does this all mean? Well, actually nothing right now. All of this is just rumors for now, not to mention that final specs for Wii U have yet to be revealed by Nintendo. Taken at face value it looks to mean that while Wii U looks to be running on Radeon R770 which doen’t look to be quite as powerful as the new Xbox, both consoles will be more than capable and will most likely allow developers to develop for both simultaneously.

I don’t pretend to understand all the technical aspects behind what makes Mario’s suspenders look so nice, but at the end of the day, I think Wii U will be able to stand toe to toe with whatever Microsoft and Sony decide to throw at it. Bring on E3.

What do you think about this latest rumor? How do you think Wii U will fare in comparison?

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