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Wii-kly Update – Gradius ReBirth & Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars

Remember when Grandma used to mark your height on the wall every so often, just to see how fast you were growing? Well, if the Wii Shop Channel had its own growth chart, she’d be impressed at how the selection

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Niki Rock ‘n’ Ball and Wonder Boy in Monster Land

Not a very thrilling day on the Wii Shop Channel, I guess.  Niki – Rock ‘n’ Ball is a new WiiWare game from Austrian developers Bplus and over on the VC we get another Sega Master System game, Wonder Boy

Wii Shop Channel Monday – Wild West Guns, Splatterhouse 2, and Sonic the Hedgehog (again)

It looks like even Capcom, Hudson, and SNK don’t know when Nintendo will put their games out for the Virtual Console. No Mega Man today and no Ys Book I & II or Samurai Shodown II either. Instead, we get