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Wii Mini Available at Select Toys ‘R’ Us Stores

Apparently, you can find Wii Minis in select Toys ‘R’ Us stores across the United States.  If you are interested, call your local store and see if any are in stock. If so, don’t forget your $99 on your way

Video games as a skill?

Before I started thinking about this idea, I was easily frustrated by new gamers who couldn’t seem to grasp controls that are second nature to me. I have a friend whose family has never owned a single dedicated gaming system,

New Super Mario Bros. Voicemail Greetings

Our friends over at Nintendo of Canada managed to snag some time with Mario himself to record a few New Super Mario Bros. and holiday themed voicemail greetings. While you can pick one of the three greetings to use on your

Mario Kart Wii used in High School drivers ed

Kotaku unearthed something interesting today: Vail Christian High School in Colorado has been using Mario Kart to teach students the dangers of driving while distracted.  Students are challenged to play Mario Kart Wii while sending and receiving text messages. “I

Mario Kart Wii: Global Video Game of the Year

Combine the all software sales in Japan, the U.S. and the U.K., and Mario Kart Wii comes out on top with 8.94 million sold, beating Wii Fit in second and the much ballyhooed Grand Theft Auto IV in third with

Nintendo first party titles, Grand Theft Auto IV top Edge 2008 best seller list

Edge, using a series of super secret formulas, back channels and NPD Group moles, has assembled a list of the best-selling video games from the past 12 months. Dominating the top ten are several EA franchise titles, a Russian guy