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Bring ’em on; Infendo’s most anticipated Nintendo games for E3 2008

Dressed head-to-toe in glittering red, white and blue attire and rich with the overpowering scent of freedom and grilled hot dogs, July refuses to arrive quietly. Forget flipping the calendar page. July kicks down the door, blares Lynyrd Skynyrd records

The best and worst third-party Wii publishers

Third parties, I’d like to apologize. I have been pretty scathing toward you lately. In fact, Jack and I have both been throwing rotten tomatoes at you vigorously over the last year or so, and although our chuckling behind the

Infendo’s Top 10 Mario Games

[In honor of the Super Mario Marathon, we re-publish our Top 10 Mario Games list!] Now that we’ve had some time to digest his latest adventure, the Infendo offices have been buzzing with debate. It spilled over into last week’s

Ten most memorable Zelda: OoT moments

Nintendo’s popular Legend of Zelda franchise has spawned more than a dozen games since its birth more than 20 years ago, but few would argue the series’ crowning moment and most absurdly brilliant incarnation wasn’t the much-heralded 1998 release Ocarina

Top 10 new Wii games to play before E3

Before a single Wii had been sold, gamers already knew what they had to look forward to. Even months prior to their first enthusiastic Wii remote waggle, in fact, people were drooling over games like Wii Sports, Red Steel and

GameCube games for Nintendo newcomers

Nintendo has sold more than 20 million Wii consoles worldwide since launching its motion-controlled sensation in Nov. 2006. The system has become a global phenomenon, and over the next few months, it is likely Wii will eclipse the total worldwide