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Top 15 moments in SNES history

According to UGO: 15. Actraiser, Bloodpool 14. Pilotwings, Jetpack 13. NBA Jam, Super Dunk 12. Super Castlevania 4, Gold Level 11. Star Fox, Giant Face 10. Final Fight, Take that, Car 9.  Turtles in Time, Wild West 8. Super Mario

Classics define Nintendo’s upswing decade

A lot can change in a decade. Just ask Nintendo. In Apr. 2003, with the month’s rains at their dreariest, the company reported fiscal GameCube sales of 5.6 million units, less than half the total forecast in 2002. Six Aprils

GamePro’s “24 best 8-bit games” makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

With great picks and nice recaps of some of the best retro games ever, it’s a nostalgic punch to the face. As author McKinley Noble writes, “it’s enough to keep blowing into your NES slot loader.” Just know SMB3 rightfully

Bowser’s personal life shrouded in mystery

Over the last 20 years, you’ve chopped bridges from beneath his feet and dropped him into semifluid molten lava. You’ve spun him around by the tail and tossed him face-first into heavy explosives. And for the most part, Bowser has

Blow out the candles with WiiWare’s top five

If someone had penned a list of my finest exploits by my first birthday, the piece would’ve covered infantile handiwork typical of one-year-olds. Times I made dookie behind the couch might be a favorite for high-ranking inclusion, for example. That’s

Top 10 Wii games of 2008

Yo Adrian, we did it! After deliberation and a few fist fights, we’ve narrowed down a year of Wii software into a list of the ten best. Each staff member submitted ten picks, each of which was assigned points. From