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Where would you rank Epic Yarn in the Kirby series?

Derek and I discussed this on last week’s podcast. Without completing the game, I’d say it’s the third best Kirby game ever. Right on the heels of Kirby’s Adventure, but not quite as innovative as Canvas Curse. Still, the interplay

After finishing Kirby, I’ve only got one complaint…

My first run through Kirby’s Epic Yarn took about eight hours. After beating Yin-Yarn, I found I’d only completed 59% of the game; There are many World Doors I haven’t unlocked yet, and a lot more music CD’s to find.

Is Kirby the best 2D game since Yoshi’s Island?

Three worlds into Kirby’s Epic Yarn, I’m convinced this is the spiritual successor to Yoshi’s Island, which was and remains–arguably–the best 2D platformer of all time. If you’re old enough to remember the disappointment surrounding the release of the follow

“My friends won’t play yarn games”

With Kirby’s Epic Yarn just a week away, are any of you having trouble convincing your friends that a game full of pastel quilts and stitching will amaze and challenge them? How about fooling them with some false box art?

Kirby’s Epic Yarn trailer worth a second look

Not only is Kirby’s Epic Yarn adorable, the creative zipper and screen-pull gameplay looks crazy fun. That and Kirby’s Adventure is one of the most under-rated Nintendo games of all time. So mark your calendars: Epic Yarn arrives this October