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What character should Nintendo kill off?


Old-school Kirby game coming to Wii this year

Unveiled today by Nintendo. According to Wired, it’ll be a throwback Kirby. You know, the kind where you inhale enemies, assume their powers, then us it against them. Nintendo did not give an exact date, but confirmed it would arrive

Club Nintendo shop gets a lot cuter

This might be my favorite item to appear in the Club Nintendo reward shop to date. Cripes, this is dangerously adorable. Two sets of patches (the other features Kirby and Prince Fluff) join some nifty-looking washcloth things (Nintendo calls them

Where would you rank Epic Yarn in the Kirby series?

Derek and I discussed this on last week’s podcast. Without completing the game, I’d say it’s the third best Kirby game ever. Right on the heels of Kirby’s Adventure, but not quite as innovative as Canvas Curse. Still, the interplay

Kirby’s Epic Yarn has a secret

Pop quiz! What do Super Mario Bros 2 (US edition) and Kirby’s Epic Yarn have in common? Answer! Both were initially developed with completely new characters in mind before Nintendo franchise characters took over in the end.

This Kirby Epic Yarn trailer looks straight-up awesome, even if it sounds Japanese

Good, golly. Do want. Coming Oct. 17.