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Meanwhile, in Kyoto…

You know who’s not sweating bullets or worried about much of anything today? Everyone at Nintendo.

And You thought Playing the Wii made you look silly…

This is how you look playing the Kinect. Video credit @Rocco Botte

Kinection Error: Don’t Move! Sony and Microsoft fall flat at E3

Despite impressive tech demos at last year’s E3, Microsoft’s recently re-branded “Kinect” and Sony’s Playstation Move controller felt more dated than the “underpowered” Nintendo console they are trying to out-motion. What do we mean by dated? Obviously this has nothing

Miyamoto checks out the Kinect

He doesn’t seem very impressed. Neither does translator Bill Trinen. A picture is worth a thousand hateful words. via Gizmodo

Natal renamed “Kinect,” to launch with “Kinect Sports”

Various sources from around the internet are reporting that Xbox’s much hyped project Natal has been officially renamed to Xbox Kinect.  Although this in itself is not specifically Nintendo news, it’s worth mentioning that Microsoft’s controller free revolution will be