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Awesome Kid Icarus Mouse Pad

Check out this sweet Kid Icarus mouse pad that features the queen of darkness herself, Medusa. There’s a bunch of cool mouse pads out there in the world, but not many that feature Nintendo characters. Also, on the subject, does

Want a cool Kid Icarus Wallpaper?

Do we have any Kid Icarus fans out there? Anyone want a good HD Wallpaper for their desktop? Well now you can! I made this 1600×900 wallpaper especially for my fellow Pitt fans out there. You can download the wallpaper

Kid Icarus 3DS Trailer leaves a lot to be seen

When the Kid Icarus trailer aired live at the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 I was literally in shock. The fact that the 3DS’s output is almost if not better than the Wii’s own graphical power is nothing short of

Poll – Which old NES game deserves a Sequel?

Which old game do you think deserves a sequel? Tell us why you believe so in the comments and maybe we might read it next week during the podcast! {democracy:110}

Miyamoto sorta kinda teases Kid Icarus title something

Shigeru Miyamoto, ever the distributor of quirky quotes and often a disseminator of info that the PR folks at Nintendo probably aren’t totally prepared he give out as soon as he does, is talking Kid Icarus this week. NP: And,

Classic Commercials – Kid Icarus – Japan